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What we do @ TTC-AU

"I will lead the continued capability development of TTC-AU & its members to ensure that we can continue to make a valuable contribution to Toyota Locally, Regionally & Globally"

Max Gillard, President of TTC-AU


1. Body Engineering Department

The Body Engineering Department consists of four Groups and is responsible for the development and production support for the upper body for the Camry, Aurion and Fortuner Brands. The u pper body consists of the sheetmetal for the cabin, and external facia panels, the fitting components, exterior styled parts, the functional components and interior trim. .

1. Body Shell and Exterior 1 Design Group: Our engineers in Body Shell and Exterior groups are responsible for Body Shell (from floor line upwards), Fitting components such as Glass, Weather-strips, Impact Absorbers, & Moldings, such as Fender Liners and Body Exterior related Mouldings. The primary responsibility of this group is the development and production support of Camry and Aurion

2. Body Shell and Exterior 2 Design Group: With similar scope of responsibilities as Body Shell and Exterior 1 Design Group, this groups primary responsibility is the development and Production support for the Global Fortuner Model.

3. Interior Design Group: a vehicle fully comes to life with the interior design. Our Interior Design team is skilled at translating the appeal of the overall design into colours, grain, gloss, leather, fabrics and plastics that match pill ar garnishes, internal boot trim and the style of the vehicle. The group is responsible for parts such as: instrument panels, console, carpet, trim, seats, seatbelts, boot trim, airbags, and air conditioner for Camry, Aurion and Fortuner Models

4. Function and Lamp Group: The Function and Lamp group have combined responsibility for all models, Camry, Aurion and Fortuner, with a focus on the functional components of the vehicle which include such parts as all opening and operating mechanisms, for example door handles, locks, window regulators, hinges, power systems as well as others such as mirrors, wiper, washer and lighting systems.

Your work output will comprise of engineering drawings, create parts lists, CAD data and supporting design documentation. Group members regularly travel overseas to participate in global Toyota engineering activities.

2. Chassis Engineering Department

1. Chassis Engineering
The Chassis Department is responsible for design and development of chassis parts and systems; suspension, steering, brakes, and wheel and tyre.

They are also responsible for the gear lever and cables, and brake and clutch pedals. For ladder frame vehicles they have additional responsibility for the frame itself and any protective under-covers.

Chassis are involved in both locally built and imported vehicle development.

Group members travel overseas to participate in global Toyota engineering activities.

3. Customer Quality Engineering Department

With a renowned business model that drives continuous improvement, quality enhancement and challenging tomorrow's definition of the best possible customer experience is part of our engineers' DNA. Our Customer Quality Engineering Department promotes the principle of “Early Detection and Early Resolution” in our products and participates in after sale quality review and improvement.

4. Electronics Engineering Department

The Electronics Engineering Department consists of three Groups and is responsible for the development and inclusion of cutting-edge technologies that increase our vehicles' functionality, safety and even intelligence.

1. Software Development Group: Responsible to develop software for global vehicle projects: 

  • Hybrid Vehicle – Electric motor control system
  • Real-time embedded C software
  • Model based development environments (Hardware-In-Loop and Virtual ECU)

2. Wire Harness Group: Responsible for complete design and development of wire harnesses for local and global vehicles, including routing and circuit design.

3. Electronics Engineering and Evaluation Group: Responsible for the design and development of Multimedia systems for Oceania vehicles, and for locally manufactured Body Electronics parts and the research, planning and evaluation of existing and new technology vehicle systems for local and overseas regions.

5. Vehicle Evaluation Department

The Vehicle Evaluation Department is involved in the evaluation and development of both locally made and imported Toyota vehicles. The group's key activities involve dynamic vehicle testing, competitor benchmarking, overall vehicle evaluation and environment studies - especially Australia-specific items which are fed back into Toyota's Global R&D base. Our engineers and technical staff are trained within the Toyota Global network to validate overall design and system functions in line with the specific Global Toyota Standards.

6. Technical Administration Department

The Technical Administration Department is responsible for supporting the overall Company and the individual Departments to achieve its goals and objectives.

The Department consists of five Groups:

1. Corporate Planning: Responsible for monitoring and tracking the overall Company's performance and related activities

2. Human Resources & Corporate Affairs: Responsible for the "People" strategy, policy development and support

3. IT & Facilities Management: Responsible for the "Infrastructure" strategy, systems and support

4. Accounting & Finance: Responsible for the "Financial" strategy, financial management and compliance

5. Engineering Administration: Responsible for the "Information" strategy, control and management of design drawings

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